Pipette tips, racked, TipRack, 0.1-20 µl, BIO-CERT® LIQUID HANDLING STERILE, PP

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Cleanroom quality for contamination-free analyses.

Perfect fit for the Transferpette® micropipette and many other pipettes.

The tip system for all requirements.

Pipette tips and filter tips from BRAND offer reliable quality for precise and demanding analyses. The raw materials are free from DiHEMDA und Oleamid. Tips are manufactured at BRAND under monitored cleanroom conditions and are automatically packaged. No parting agents or demolding aids are used. All racked tips and filter tips up to 1000 μl are free of DNA (< 40 fg), RNase (< 8.6 fg), endotoxins (< 1 pg) and ATP (< 1 fg).

BRAND offers pipette tips for volumes from 0.1 μl to 10 ml and filter tips for volumes from 0.1 μl to 1000 μl. They are tested for BRAND pipettes and many pipette from other manufacturers. See Selection Guide for more information.

BRAND pipette tips and filter tips are autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar) acc. DIN EN 285.

Sterile tips are manufactured under certified BIO-CERT® quality. They are sterilized with beta radiation according to ISO 11 137 and the AAMI Guidelines.

The nano-cap tip was specially developed for the nanoliter range and hence is ideal for molecular biological applications such as PCR. It is 37 mm long, and features a capillary rise that is even visible to the bare eye at 0.1 μl. The capillary part of the tip conveniently fills gel wells for gel electrophoresis systems from most manufacturers. The racked tips are colorless and placed into a grey-colored tip tray.

The articles are available in the following quality levels: CERTIFIED LIFE SCIENCE QUALITY and BIO-CERT® LIQUID HANDLING QUALITY

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