Pipetting robots

The pipetting robot makes automatic pipetting highly precise, particularly easy and supports pipetting routines. Consistency is key in scientific research, and our Pipetting Robots are built to deliver just that. With the pipetting robot you save time in PCR, qPCR, ELISA, cherrypicking and many other applications. Discover our exclusive range of Pipetting Robots and accesories like roboter tips or liquid ends hat are designed to revolutionize your scientific experiments and streamline your research processes.

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  1. Pipetting robot Liquid Handling Station
    Pipetting robot Liquid Handling Station

    ab €999,999.99

  2. Controller for Teleshake 95
    Controller for Teleshake 95

    ab €2,595.10

  3. Adapter for Teleshake 95, aluminum
    Adapter for Teleshake 95, aluminum

    ab €306.35

  4. SmartExtraction LHS-Kit
    SmartExtraction LHS-Kit

    ab €65.00

  5. Software for Liquid Handling Station
    Software for Liquid Handling Station

    ab €999,999.99

  6. Bottle-top dispensers seripettor®
    Bottle-top dispensers seripettor®

    ab €165.60

  7. Bottle-top burettes Titrette®
    Bottle-top burettes Titrette®

    ab €924.50

  8. cell-culture™ unit
    cell-culture unit

    ab €59.95

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Pipetting robots for automated laboratories

Pipetting robots by BRAND, like air displacement pipettes, work according to an air cushion principle widely used in laboratories, and are designed for medium sample throughput rates. The Liquid Handling Station handles both routine tasks and complex pipetting tasks efficiently, such as PCR, qPCR, or cherry picking.

Automatic pipetting with the Liquid Handling Station

BRAND offers a free method check for the various operating procedures in your laboratory and the efficient use of your laboratory equipment. During the check, our experts analyze your pipetting tasks and recommend how to automate your application in the fastest and most efficient way. Then you can test the results free of charge for two weeks through a practical validation with the Liquid Handling Station's automatic pipetting system.

Applications for pipetting robots

The Liquid Handling Station, BRAND's automatic liquid handling system, saves time during PCR and qPCR by pipetting small volumes precisely and with good reproducibility. You can also use the BRAND software to mix and set incubation times for enzyme assays. With ELISA, fatiguing dilution series are a thing of the past. Pre-defined liquid classes can easily be changed and saved.