PCR consumables

PCR and qPCR applications need suitable PCR consumables. BRAND offers PCR products for enhanced efficiency in the laboratory. Whether you need PCR single tubes, PCR strips, PCR plates, PCR sets or films. BRAND PCR Consumables are available in many versions. The BIO-CERT® PCR QUALITY quality level ensures that the products are not only free of DNA, DNase and RNase, but also do not contain pyrogens or PCR inhibitors that can influence the PCR.

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PCR disposables

BRAND has significantly expanded its product range of extra-thin-wall disposable products, which were specially developed to satisfy the demands of PCR applications, particularly in 96-well PCR plates. Single tubes, strips of 8 and 12, and, for high sample throughput, PCR plates in 24-well, 48-well, 96-well, and 384-well formats are available. Thus, there is an optimal product for every application. The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) revolutionized molecular biology and is used today in many different applications. The size of PCR disposables must be as varied as the applications for which they are used. Quality features: Suitable for use in common thermal cyclers. PP, extra-thin uniform wall thicknesses to provide the optimal thermal transfer and short cycle times. 96-well PCR plates with blue alphanumeric code and cut corner marking. Highly transparent flat covers optimally suited for qPCR. DNase-, DNA- and RNase-free. Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285. Real-Time PCR: The use of Real-Time PCR (qPCR) is becoming increasingly widespread. In particular, the direct quantification of the DNA formed can be achieved by the use of fluorescence measurement. White PCR products by BRAND offer significantly better results in this application than transparent tubes. The different products in this line are uniformly colored with TiO2 (titanium dioxide), so that in combination with the smooth surfaces, the optimum reflection of the fluorescence signal is provided.

Single Tubes and Strips

Single PCR tubes: 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml PCR tubes with attached caps are compatible with leading thermal cyclers with heated lids. The caps are easy to open and close without tools, yet ensure a tight fit to reduce sample evaporation. The various colors of the PCR tubes allow fast sample classification. Strips of 8 tubes: with detached cap strips, PP. 8 connected 0.2 ml tubes. Separate, domed or flat caps are available in strips of 8. They are easy to open and close without tools. The tubes have a holding strap at one end, and the cover strips on each cap have a small lip on the side for careful, contaminationfree opening. With attached flat individual caps PP. 8 connected 0.2 ml tubes with attached cap strips. Domed caps facilitate one-handed operation. With attached flat individual caps PP. 8 connected 0.2 ml or 0.15 ml tubes with attached, flat individual caps – ideal protection against contamination. The highly transparent cap makes them ideal for real-time PCR. Available in standard and low-profile versions. Strips of 12 tubes with detached cap strips. PCR accessories: PCR sealing mats, PCR sealing films, self-adhesive, PCR-Box/-Rack, PCR Mini cooler.

PCR Plates

BRAND offers PCR plates in 24-well, 48-well, 96-well and 384-well formats. The ultra thin-walled PCR plate design facilitates constant, rapid and precise heat transfer. The smooth vessel interior minimizes the binding of enzymes and nucleic acid to the walls. The rim of the wells are designed to protect against cross-contamination, allowing a reliable seal with the sealing mats tailored to the plates. BRAND PCR plates are suitable for qPCR applications. White PCR products offer significantly better results for qPCR, and are specifically recommended by many thermal cycler manufacturers. 24-well and 48-well PCR Plates PP (clear or white). These plates reduce material costs and allow work on a compact PCR plate even with small sample throughputs. 96-well PCR Plates non-skirted PP (clear or white). 0.2 ml wells. 96-well non-skirted PCR plates are suitable for most commercially available thermal cyclers. 96-well, skirted 96-well PCR Plate, skirtedPP (clear or white). 0.2 ml wells. Low profile. 96-well skirted PCR plates are especially rigid, and are optimally suited for use with automatic pipetting systems and for being transported. 384-well PCR Plates can hold sample volumes of 2 μl to 30 μl. This helps to reduce reagent costs and shortens cycle times. The plates can be filled using multichannel pipettes or robotic systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (PCR consumables)

Is the PCR mini cooler autoclavable?

No, it is not autoclavable.

Are PCR sealing mats autoclavable?

Sealing mats can be autoclaved at +121°C (2 bar, acc. to DIN EN 285). However the silicone sealing mat (Cat. No. 781408) can only be autoclaved ~ 5 x because of material shrinkage.

Why does BRAND offer plates with and without skirt? What are the criteria to choose a special plate?

The choice depends on the thermal cycler or the roboter system used. Especially roboter systems need the skirt to hold the plates correctly. BRAND offers a compatibility chart for BRAND PCR plates and compatible thermal cyclers. The compatibility between plate and cycler is especially limited by the position of the cut away corners of the plate. BRAND is continuously updating this chart with information from manufacturers and feedback from customers. Do not hesitate to ask for free samples of BRAND PCR plates to check the compatibility with your thermal cycler! A short feedback from you will help to complete the table!

How can PCR tubes and plates be sealed?

BRAND offers PCR tubes and strips with domed and flat caps. Plates can be sealed with self-adhesive sealing films and sealing mats made of TPE or silicone.

Are BRAND PCR disposables autoclavable?

Although PCR disposables are made of PP (which in general is autoclavable at 121°C (2 bar, acc. to DIN EN 285) we do not recomment to autoclave these tubes. Mainly, because PCR products have very thin walls and secondly because the autoclave could be a source for contamination.

What are special characteristics of BRAND PCR mats?

BRAND PCR sealing mats have been designed to fit BRAND PCR plates. They can reduce evaporation losses up to 75% compared to conventional systems. They are charcterized by their high flexibility, tight sealing, autoclavability and are easily pierced by pipette tips.

Can domed caps be used for quantitative RealTime PCR?

No. You need a flat highly transparent cap to detect the fluorescence signals produced during a quantitative Real Time PCR . BRAND PCR products which can be used in Real Time PCR applications show the term q!PCR in the sales documents.

What are the advantages of white PCR products?

The new line of white PCR products by BRAND offers significantly better results in this application than transparent 8-tube strips or plates. The different products in this line are uniformly colored with TiO2 (titanium dioxide), so that in combination with the smooth surfaces, a more effective reflection of the fluorescence signal can be achieved.

What does the term "q!PCR" in the sales documents mean?

Products marked with the "q!PCR" symbol can be used in quantitative Real-Time PCR applications. They are highly transparent and/or white for easy reflection and detection of the fluorescence signals.