Repetitive pipettes

Here you will find the right mechanical or electronic repetitive pipette for the efficient dispensing of long series.

HandyStep® S

HandyStep® S - the repetitive pipette for any occasion! Ideal for routine or research applications in diagnostics, molecular biology, environmental analysis, and many more. HandyStep® S and PD-tips work on the direct displacement principle. This offers the highest-precision dispensing of liquid media with high viscosity, high density, or high vapor pressure. Direct displacement permits contamination-free operation, since no aerosols are formed. More data and facts: increased chemical resistance through innovative plastic materials, easy tip mounting - PD-tip is now simply inserted from below, volume range from 2 µl to 5 ml, up to 49 dispensing steps, weighs only 108 g.

More highlights

The HandyStep® S repetitive pipette fits the hand like a glove, offers especially dependable performance and is simple to operate. Truly stress-free! Well-balanced weight distribution, ergonomical control element layout. Always dependable! Robust construction, inspired design and innovative plastic materials. Always ready to use! No battery-dependent display, no battery charge! Integrated volume table. Highly versatile! 10 PD-tip sizes (incl. the new 1 and 10 ml tips), 59 different volumes. Accepts third-party dispenser-tips! Contact-free! Eject tips with the press of a button - never any tip contact!

Frequently Asked Questions (Repetitive pipettes)

Can I order my HandyStep® S stepper DAkkS calibrated?

All our liquid handling instruments can be ordered DAkkS calibrated with certificate for a certain additional charge per piece. For ordering please add "DAkkS/...." as a prefix to the corresponding catalog number, e.g., DAkkS/7051 10 for a HandyStep® S, DAkkS calibrated.

Do I have to maintain my HandyStep® S regularly?

When working with the HandyStep® S a specific maintenance is not necessary.

Is the HandyStep® S autoclavable?

No, the HandyStep® S is not autoclavable.

My HandyStep® S dispenses unevenly. What can I do?

The stroke setting wheel is not locked into position. Lock it again into the desired position.

PD-Tip piston cannot be locked in the HandyStep® S after the PD-Tip has been inserted. What can I do?

First press the ejection key and remove the PD-Tip, then push the locking/filling lever all the way down and swing it out completely.

I would like to order a mechanical / electronical stepper or send it in for calibration. Can I determine the volumes, the instrument should be calibrated at?

It is possible that the customer determines the volumes we have to calibrate the stepper at. In this case the customer has to inform us in the order or in a supplementary sheet about the desired tip size and the three volumes the measurements have to be made at.

The tip of my HandyStep® S is dripping. What can I do?

An untight tip might be the cause. Replace the tip.

What dispenser tips are compatible with the HandyStep® S?

The HandyStep® S is an open system. That means that additionally to the BRAND PD-Tips also tips of many other manufacturers fit into the instrument. The following tips were tested with the HandyStep® S: Combitips®, Combitips® plus, Encode™-Tips, Repet-Tips and other compatible tips. When using tips that are not mentioned we recommend to request samples from the manufacturer and test the compatibility.

Air bubble beneath the PD-Tip piston becomes larger. What can I do?

The PD-Tip might be leaking. Please replace it.