Pycnometers according to Guy Lussac for measuring the density of liquids can be found in our online shop. Each pycnometer is supplied with a stopper. Furthermore, BRAND offers sedimentation vessels according to Imhoff made of plastic as well as oxygen bottles according to Winkler for the determination of oxygen dissolved in water.

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Density Bottles

BLAUBRAND® density bottles are individually adjusted. The nominal capacity specified to 0.001 cm3 is indelibly engraved on each bottle. All BLAUBRAND® pycnometers are supplied with the following certification: in quantity with an individual certificate, upon request with a DAkkS Calibration Certificate (from a DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory at BRAND). Density bottle, uncalibrated: Borosilicate glass 3.3. DIN ISO 3507. Stopper NS 10/19 with capillary. Top of stopper ground and polished. Nominal capacity printed on the bottom. Density bottle, calibrated: Borosilicate glass 3.3. DIN ISO 3507, Gay-Lussac type. Calibrated to contain (TC, In). Reference temperature 20 °C. Individual certificate included. Stopper NS 10/19 with capillary. Top of stopper ground and polished. The volume in cm3 is specified to a precision of 3 decimal places.

Oxygen flask

Oxygen flask, Winkler pattern: Soda-lime glass. For the determination of oxygen dis-solved in water. Capacity is calibrated to ± 0.01 ml and engraved on the flask. White labelling area. Solid, obliquely cut standard-ground glass stopper can be secured with a fastening clip. Each flask is calibrated with its own stopper, hence, stoppers and flasks are not interchangeable. Each flask and its stopper is marked with a unique matching identification number. Graduated to 1000 ml Borosilicate glass 3.3 DIN 12672 without stopcock.

Sedimentation cones

Imhoff sedimentation cone: SILBERBRAND, graduated to 100 ml, ring mark at 1000 ml, with stopcock/without stopcock. Plastic, SAN, Graduated to 1000 ml, transparent. DIN 12672. Screw cap allows drainage. Withstands temperatures up to 85 °C. Rack for glass and plastic sedimentation cones, PMMA/PP, holds 2 Imhoff sedimentation cones (glass or plastic; with and without stopcock). Compact design and easy to carry, even with cones filled. L x W x H in mm: 300 x 130 x 400.