BRAND offers a wide range of staining troughs, counting chambers and other accessories for microscopy. Order right here in our online store.

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  1. Spotting tile, soda-lime glass
    Spotting tile, soda-lime glass

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  2. Insert, PP, for staining trough
    Insert, PP, for staining trough

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Precision Measuring Instruments from BRAND

Counting chambers serve to determine the number of particles per volume unit of a liquid. The particles (e.g. leucocytes, erythrocytes, thrombocytes, bacteria, fungus spores, pollen) are visually counted under a microscope. BLAUBRAND® counting chambers are precision measuring instruments.

Description of functional characteristics

The microscope slide sized base plate is made of special optical glass. Milled grooves divide the surface into two large fields (outside) and three narrow ridges (inside). The two outer fields are for inscriptions, whereas the ridges are ground and polished. The central ridge (= chamber bottom) has two engraved sets of rulings for counting, separated by a groove. Generally the chamber bottom on the central ridge is 0.1 mm lower (= chamber depth) than the two outer ridges. Hence, when a cover glass is placed on top, there is a gap of 0.1 mm between the glass and the central ridge. The lateral boundaries of the volume to be counted are formed by the imaginary planes projected vertically onto the boundary lines of the ruling. For cleaning, we recommend the disinfectant cleaner Mucocit®-T.

Equation for particle determination (for general use)

Particles per µl Volumen = Counted particles / [Counted surface (mm2) · Chamber depth (mm) · Dilution]