Here you will find centrifuge tubes, test tubes and supplementary accessories, such as test tube racks and plugs.

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  1. Test tube racks, PP
    Test tube racks, PP

    ab €13.45

  2. Test tube racks, PTFE
    Test tube racks, PTFE

    ab €125.80

  3. Plugs for centrifuge tubes, PE
    Plugs for centrifuge tubes, PE

    ab €6.90

  4. Centrifuge tubes, ungraduated
    Centrifuge tubes, ungraduated

    ab €47.55

  5. Culture tubes, glass, rimless
    Culture tubes, glass, rimless

    ab €88.15

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Test tube racks

New test tube racks from BRAND are designed for versatile use. Extended space between positions allow for sterile work and help to avoid cross contamination. Designed for the most common diameter test tubes. Quick and easy assembly.

Microcentrifuge tube racks

Microcentrifuge tube racks from BRAND accommodate Ø 11 mm microcentrifuge tubes or Ø 13 mm cryogenic tubes. Increased distance between positions allow perfect fit of screw cap or snap lid tubes.

Special features

- Manufactured of filled PP, with a density of 1.2 g/cm3. Will not float in waterbath. - Open construction; increases visibility and simplifies cleaning. - Increased distance between individual positions. - Alphanumerical positions for clear sample identification. - Operating temperature -20°C to +90°C. - Autoclavable at 121°C (2 bar), acc. to DIN EN 285.

Frequently Asked Questions (Tubes)

What is the shelf life of non-sterile centrifuge tubes with screw cap?

BRAND does not specify a special expiration-date for non-sterile products. The shelf life of disposables depends on the package as well as the storage conditions (keep dry and light-proof!).