Here you will find centrifuge tubes, test tubes and supplementary accessories, such as test tube racks and plugs.

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Test tube racks

The new test tube racks from BRAND are perfectly suited for flexible working. Generous spacing prevents cross contamination and provides a sterile working environment. Suitable for all standard diameter test tubes. The racks are firmly and inseparably put together in a few simple steps.

Microcentrifuge tube racks

BRAND microtube racks for vessels with a diameter of 11 mm (microcentrifuge tubes) or 13 mm (cryovessels). Wide spacing between slots, which means that vessels with screw-on and snap-on lids can be placed in the rack without any problem.

Special features

- Made of filled PP (density 1.2 g/cm³). As a result, it will not float in a water bath. - Open design: results are easy to see, the racks are easy to clean. - Increased spacing between the individual slots. - Alphanumerical slots for clear sample identification. - Operating temperature -20°C to 90°C. - Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285.

Frequently Asked Questions (Tubes)

What is the shelf life of non-sterile centrifuge tubes with screw cap?

BRAND does not specify a special expiration-date for non-sterile products. The shelf life of disposables depends on the package as well as the storage conditions (keep dry and light-proof!).