Magnetic stirring bars

Whether large volumes or highly viscous mixtures, round, square or dumbbell-shaped – here you will find the perfect magnetic stirring bar for your application.

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PTFE. High magnetic strength and long life due to Alnico V magnetic cores, fully encapsulated with high-grade PTFE. Strict quality control ensures the magnetic strength, position of the magnetic core, surface quality, crack resistance, and uniform thickness of the PTFE coating.

Maximum operating temperature 270 °C. BRAND provides the right magnetic stirring bar for virtually any application. Rough vessel surfaces or abrasive sediments can quickly deteriorate the PTFE coating and thus shorten the life of stirring bars. This can be prevented by using reduced contact surface (e.g., with pivot ring) stirring bars.

Magnetic stirring rods that have a smaller contact surface (e.g. with center ring) provide relief. Storage conditions: Magnetic stirring rods with an Alnico V-magnet core must be stored in an orderly fashion, in order to prevent demagnification. Do not drop magnetic stirring rods onto hard surfaces, such as steel.