Pipettes for your laboratory. Whether disposable micropipettes, Pasteur pipettes, capillary or dropping pipettes – here you will find the right pipette for precise volume measurement and accurate repetitive pipetting. In soda-lime glass and plastic quality. Available in many sizes.

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Disposable micropipettes

intraMARK: Contains the stated volume when filled from one end to a ring mark. intraEND: Contains the stated volume when filled from one end to the other. The BLAUBRAND® trademark for volumetric instruments guarantees exceptional production and the highest degree of precision. Clean-cut ends: Precise volume measuring requires pipette ends to be accurately cut off at the correct angle. This allows the liquid column to accurately shear off. Cut edges cannot have indentations or ridges. To help protect the pipetting aid the aspiration end of intraMARK micropipettes is fire-polished. Smooth surfaces: The surfaces of the disposable micropipettes – inside and outside – are fire polished and therefore particularly smooth. BRAND disposable micropipettes are CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 EC. BLAUBRAND® disposable micropipettes have DE-M marking for volumes greater than 5 μl (according to "Eichordnung" the German Federal Weights and Measures Regulations).

Pasteur pipettes

Pasteur pipettes: Soda-lime glass. ISO 7712. Capacity approx. 2 ml. Long drawn-out capillary tip. Inner-Ø at the tip approx. 1.0 mm. Suction end approx. 25 mm long, with constriction for a cotton plug. Outer-Ø approx. 7 mm. Pasteur pipettes, PE-LD: PE-LD/PE-HD, disposable. Very good reproducibility of the number of drops per milliliter. Ideal for aliquots. Pasteur pipettes can be filled and deep-frozen, or changed into a closed vessel by heat-sealing the tip. The integrated pipetting bulb depresses easily, minimizing fatigue from frequent pipetting. Resistant to gas or gamma radiation sterilization.

Dropping pipettes

Dropping pipettes, PE-LD: Dropping pipettes with integrated bellows PE-LD. For sampling and decanting infectious or toxic liquids. Graduated. Dropping pipettes, PE-LD: Dropping pipette with integrated pipetting bulb PE-LD. Capacity approx. 1.8 ml, length approx. 98 mm