Bottle-top aspirators

Find out more about the cell-culture™ single-channel pipetting unit, complete with suction tube and 3 adapters.

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Safe removal of supernatants without vacuum pump

The QuikSip™ bottletop aspirator from BRAND is designed for safe and fast aspiration of common laboratory liquids used in biology, food chemistry and medicine. The innovative design permits complete disassembly in seconds without tools for the replacement of low-cost wearing parts.


- Safe removal of supernatants. - Works without vacuum pump! - Fingertip vacuum control using the cell-culture(TM) unit. - For use with disposable pipette tips, micropipettes and glass pasteur pipettes. - Works as single channel or 8-channel aspirator (manifold optional). - Adapter and suction tube of the cell-culture(TM) are autoclavable (121 °C), dispensing cartridge and pump unit are not autoclavable.


- QuikSip™ aspirator with single channel device for removal of liquids out of reaction vessels, tubes, etc. - QuikSip™ aspirator with 8-channel manifold for removal of liquids from multiwell plates.