Bottle-top burettes

Bottle-top burettes from BRAND for efficient titration tasks in the laboratory. The bottle-top burette Titrette® offers easy drop-wise titration, compact design, high precision and is equipped with helpul electronic functions. Find the perfect digital burette for your titration tasks.

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Titrette® – the first bottle-top burette to satisfy Class A error limits for glass burettes! It is also remarkable for its easy dropwise titration, compact design, ultra-high precision, replaceable piston/cylinder assembly and an optional PC interface. With the Titrette® bottle-top burette, you can titrate quickly and reliably with the highest precision, even in close quarters, with no power hookup needed – in the lab, in production, or in the field. The control elements of the Titrette® bottle-top burette have an intuitive layout. Separate buttons for On/Off and Pause; Clear button allows user to reset the display and select functions. Easy-grip hand wheel action and smooth precision gears for fast or drop-wise titration make handling extremely simple and reliable.

Easy Handling

Smooth operation! The large, easy-grip hand wheels are conveniently easy to turn. With the optimized gear ratio, you can fill the instrument quickly and still titrate drop-wise very slowly and sensitively. The drop size for the 10 ml instrument is approx. 20 μl, and for the 25 and 50 ml instruments approx. 30 μl. Class A precision! The innovation for working within the Class A error limits according to DIN EN ISO 385: The Titrette® has an innovatine new measuring system, which matches the Class A accuracy of glass burettes. No switching needed! No switching is needed to change between filling and titration. The dispenser automatically detects whether you are filling or titrating by the direction of hand wheel rotation. Light-weight and compact! The compact design of Titrette® and the light weight ensure good stability. The titrating tube can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. This provides flexibility when positioning the instrument. User seviceable! The dispenser is quickly and easily dismantled within a few minutes - for cleaning, to replace the piston / cylinder, or to replace the batteries. Now you can carry out maintenance conveniently and easily in the lab, and the instrument is ready to use again in minutes. Light protection! For protection of light-sensitive media, the clear inspection windows can be replaced with the amber colored windows (included).


Additional electronic functions of Titrette®. The instrument is equipped with four helpful electronic functions to make your work easier. Hold down the CLEAR button to select the desired function: Adjustment without tools with Easy Calibration, calibration schedule for the next calibration, Save power with the Auto Power Off function, changing between two or three decimal places. Titrette® with PC interface (optional): The Titrette® is available with an optional RS 232 communications interface. Advantages compared to the standard configuration: The titration results are automatically transmitted to the PC by double-clicking on the CLEAR key. This eliminates transcription errors while recording primary data, and complies with an important requirement of GLP. With each data transfer, the burette sends the titrated volume, the serial number of the instrument, the nominal volume and the adjustment value, as well as the next scheduled calibration date. Thus, all raw data is collected and displayed together with actual date/time stamp from the PC. The transmitted data is recognized as keyboard inputs by the PC. This universal input format ensures that the instrument is compatible with all PC applications that accept keyboard inputs. To connect the instrument to a USB interface, simply use a standard USB/RS232 adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions (Bottle-top burettes)

Is there a special version of the Titrette® ?

Yes, there is a special version of the Titrette® which is optimized for the use with iodine solution (catalog number 998119). The Titrette® SH (catalog number 4760451) shows the dispensed volume in degree Soxhlet-Henkel and is therefore ideal for the determination of the acidity of milk.

I have reached equivalence point during titration. At the tip of the titrating tube one more drop can be seen. Does this drop at the tube tip still count to the displayed volume?

Yes, the drop at the tip of the titrating tube is part of the volume displayed by the Titrette. The drop size for the 10 ml instrument is approx. 20 μl and for the 25 ml and 50 ml instrument approx. 30 μl. Close to the equivalence point the standard solution should be added slowly dropwise, depending on the titration method.

Is it possible to retrofit the computer interface of the Titrette® ?

From a technical point of view this is in principle possible. However, since the electronics and housing parts must be replaced, this is not economical. Therefore the decision for a Titrette® with a computer interface should be made before purchasing the instrument.

What position should the piston have after using the Titrette®?

To reduce cristal deposits always fill the instrument completely up to the upper position after titration.