Insert strips 13 mm, Inlet Openings, PET-Membrane, Pore size 8 µm, strips of 4, for 24/6-well BRANDplates®, BIO-CERT® CELL CULTURE QUALITY, sterile

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Innovative cell culture plates and inserts for manual and automatic cell and tissue culture!

The BRANDplates® Insert System, developed in conjunction with the Fraunhofer company, offers an innovative expansion to BRAND's existing cell culture product range.

It consists of two different cell culture plates and two designs of cell culture inserts that can be combined in different configurations.

Insert specification:

4x insert strips, can be divided into up to 4 individual inserts - hanging position in well

Hanging inserts – distance between the well base and insert membrane is 4 mm

Individually packaged strips inserted in thermoformed beakers with 6 strips each in the 6-well cell culture plate

cellGrade plus (hydrophilic cell culture-) surface.

Inserts with inlet channels: Inserts with special inlet channels (Inlet Opening System) are used for the automated in vitro preparation of human tissues. The Inlet Opening System enables rapid, consistent changing of media, from submersion culture to air-lift culture. The special inlet channels enable adjustment of the medium level without damage to the skin model.
PS. cellGrade plus surface, sterile. Strip of 4 inserts (divisible).

 BIO-CERT® CELL CULTURE QUALITY: Free of human DNA, RNase, DNase, Pyrogens and non cytotoxic

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