Cuvettes, 4 optical windows, macro, Sorted by cavity number, UV-transparent, minimum filling volume 2,5 ml, CERTIFIED LIFE SCIENCE QUALITY

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Cuvette, four clear sided, macro, PS or UV-transparent, sorted by one cavity number, minimum filling volume 2,5 ml.

Suitable for fluorescence spectroscopy. The UV-transparent cuvette can be used from a wavelength of 230 nm and shows nearly no autofluorescence.

Quality features:

Clear, clean optical path

Manufactured under controlled room conditions and packaged fully automatically, without human contact

Packed grouped by mold cavity number to ensure lowest variation of extinction coefficient

The UV-transparent cuvettes replace sensitive and expensive glass or quartz cuvettes in many applications.

Standard 10 mm light path

CERTIFIED LIFE SCIENCE QUALITY: Virgin raw materials, Manufactured under controlled room conditions, Intensive in-process controls, Visual inspections, Batch management, Final product inspection, Proven functionality

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