Cuvettes, macro and semi-micro, PS, CERTIFIED LIFE SCIENCE QUALITY

Quality features:

Clear, clean optical path with indication of optical path orientation

Manufactured under controlled room conditions and packaged fully automatically, without human contact

Packed grouped by mold cavity number to ensure lowest variation of extinction coefficient.

Standard 10 mm light path

CERTIFIED LIFE SCIENCE QUALITY: Virgin raw materials, Manufactured under controlled room conditions, Intensive in-process controls, Visual inspections, Batch management, Final product inspection, Proven functionality

Grouped product items
Cat.-No. Model Minimum volume Maximum volume
759005 macro 2,5 ml 4,5 ml
759015 semi-micro 1,5 ml 3 ml
Grouped product items
Price per From** Price***
1.000 piece(s) 1000 136,00 € available from stock
1.000 piece(s) 1000 141,90 € available from stock
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*** Recommended sales price without VAT
available from stock available from stock
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