Shaking and heating module Teleshake 95 for Liquid Handling Station

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For shaking and heating 96-well and 384-well microplates and PCR plates

Shaking frequency range 100 - 1900 RPM

Max temperature 90°C

With the Teleshake 95 module, shaking and heating of samples in microplates and PCR consumables is possible directly inside the Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot from BRAND, without removing the plates from the robot. This saves time and reduces the risk of sample contamination. Applications include sample incubation and intensive stirring of samples during reaction at room temperature or higher.
Thanks to its modular design, installation of the heater/shaker is easy. Simply place it on the worktable of the Liquid Handling Station and connect it via a USB port to a PC or notebook and the included controller.

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