Volumetric Instruments

Find volumetric instruments such as volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders or bulb pipettes for your work in the laboratory. BLAUBRAND® glass volumetric flasks fulfill class A requirements. With your BRAND volumetric instruments we provide batch certificates, individual and USP certificates or DAkkS calibration certificates for monitoring inspection equipment.

Volumetric instruments by BRAND

Highly precise volumetric instruments are a must for ensuring exact analyses. High-quality measuring equipment from BRAND is individually adjusted, made entirely of glass, and highly resistant to almost all chemical substances – a key requirement for long-lasting precision in measurement. BRAND offers high quality volumetric flasks, pipettes, cylinders, and glass burettes to meet your needs.

Glass and plastic volumetric flasks

Volumetric flasks are a necessity in the laboratory, for instance for mixing dilutions and standard solutions. BLAUBRAND® glass volumetric flasks fulfill class A requirements and are DE-M conforming according to the German Measurement and Calibration Ordinance. They are delivered with batch numbers and batch certificates. They are also available with individual certificates or DAkkS calibration slips upon request. Our volumetric flasks are also available in plastic.

Measuring cylinders and burettes

BRAND offers both glass and plastic measuring cylinders that provide excellent resistance to chemicals. Our automated production and custom adjustment ensure a consistently high level of quality for our measuring cylinders. Our burettes also offer the same level of quality.