Transferpettor, fixed-volume, 25 µl, with glass capillaries

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The Transferpettor is ideal for liquids when air displacement pipettes just won't work. Viscous, foaming, high vapor pressure: the Transferpettor can handle them all, with the precision and accuracy you expect from a BRAND pipette. This is the pipette for your most demanding pipetting operations.
The Transferpettor operates on the positive displacement principle. In contrast with air displacement pipettes, the piston is in direct contact with the aspirated liquid. The tightly fitting piston always wipes the walls of the tips completely clean - literally to the last drop. Therefore providing reproducible results. There is no need to discard tips after each pipetting operation, since residual wetting is negligible.

Limitations of use:

Density up to 3.8 g/cm³

Vapor pressure up to 500 mbar

Kinematic viscosity up to: Nominal volume 1/ 2/ 5 µl: 6.000 mm² /s; nominal volume 10 µl: 20.000 mm² /s; nominal volume 25 µl: 50.000 mm² /s; nominal volume 50 µl: 100.000 mm² /s; nominal volume 100 µl: 140.000 mm² /s (Operating temperature: 15 - 40 °C (59 °F - 104 °F))

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