Mikrozid® disinfectant wipes

Wipes for alcohol-based rapid disinfection of medical products and surfaces with an increased risk of infection (surfaces near patients, patient treatment surfaces, examination tables, surfaces of medical devices, keyboards and touchpads). Not for final disinfection of medical devices. Suitable for surfaces of all types, including acrylic glass, polycarbonate, polysulfone or synthetic leather. Simply wipe the surfaces and allow the solution to take effect.

100 g of mikrozid® contains approx. 17.4 g propan-2-ol, 12.6 g ethanol (94% w/w). Label in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: <5% anionic surfactants, free from perfume and colorants
Chemical-physical data: Active ingredient solution: Liquid, density: approx. 0.95 g/ml, pH value: approx. 3.5.

Limited virucidal (according to DVV/RKI guidelines): 15 sec.
Bactericidal (EN13727): 15 sec.
Norovirus (EN14476): 30 sec.
Rotavirus (EN14476): 15 sec.

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