Life Science sealing films for automation processes

  • Pierceability
  • Adhesive-free zones for contamination-free tasks
  • Tight seal for minimizing evaporation

Due to the increasing number of diagnostic methods, the number of samples processed is growing steadily. This means that high-throughput analyses are gaining significance. In these automated processes, the films must not only protect the samples, but also comply with the mechanical requirements of automation.

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Grouped product items
Cat.-No. Material Field of application Operating temperature DNase free Free of RNase Free of DNA
701370 PP/PE-HD automation processes -40 to 90 °C no no no
701374 vinyl automation processes -40 to 90 °C yes yes yes
Grouped product items
pack* Price per From** Price***
1 pack = 50 piece(s) 1 pack 1 175,40 € available from stock
1 pack = 100 piece(s) 1 pack 1 145,70 € available from stock
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