Life Science Consumables

Only high-quality consumable materials deliver optimal results in the life science laboratory. Discover the wide range of life science consumables.

Life science products by BRAND

As a successful Life Science company, BRAND has been supplying plastic consumables with a reliably high level of quality and cleanliness for over 25 years. Discover our life science products like PCR plates and PCR tubes, microplates for cell culture, immunoassay, and standard assays, and many other Life Science consumables.

Life Science consumables for PCR, cell culture, and microbiology

Plastic consumables by BRAND offer many advantages for your work in the life science laboratory. PCR samples are reliably protected against contamination and evaporation. In cell cultures, BRANDplates® microplates ensure optimal adhesion and proliferation for your cell lines. Attention to details like BRAND PCR tubes and BRAND PCR strips that are easy to open and close saves time and effort in your everyday work.

Cleanroom quality for your Life Science consumables

Life Science consumables by BRAND are produced in one of the world’s largest cleanrooms for disposable laboratory products. Cleanrooms in accordance with ISO 14644-1 are available in classes 5, 7 and 8. PCR consumables by BRAND fulfil clearly defined limit values for freedom from DNA (< 40 fg per well), RNAse (< 8.6 fg per well) and endotoxins (< 1 pg per well) thanks to our cleanroom production.