Automatic burettes Schilling pattern, SILBERBRAND, amber, class B, Boro 3.3, PE-Bottle

Burette: Boro 3.3. Error limits according to class B, DIN EN ISO 385. Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex). Schellbach stripe. Automatic zeroing.

Filling tube: PVC,
Discharge tube: silicone,
Reservoir bottle: PE-LD,
Base: PE-HD,
Fitting, grey: Polyamide,
Micrometer screw: brass/PP.

Squeezing bottle allows rapid filling.

Automatic zeroing.

Micrometer screw allows fine titration.

Rough titration by releasing the micrometer screw and using the press button.

Burettes not in use for longer periods should be drained and tubing pressure released by opening the stopcock.

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PE-LD, brown
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23766 25 ml 0,1 ml 0,08 ml PE-LD, brown
23768 50 ml 0,1 ml 0,1 ml PE-LD, brown
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Burette tube with automatic zeroing, discharge tube incl. tip, filling tube (PVC, transparent), fitting incl. Micrometer screw and 1000 ml PE-bottle with base.