2 products

2 products

Trompa de vacío por agua

Alto rendimiento, bajo consumo de agua: con las bombas de chorro de agua de BRAND, logre un vacío eficiente o absorba líquidos y gases.

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2 products

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  1. Reductor, PP, para bomba de chorro de agua
    Reductor, PP, para bomba de chorro de agua

    brand-startingat 3,55 €

  2. Trompa de vacío por agua , PP
    Trompa de vacío por agua , PP

    brand-startingat 46,40 €

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BRD-FAQHEADLINE (Trompa de vacío por agua)

Very low water consumption

The flow configuration has been optimized, resulting in a 33% reduction of water consumption (190 litres/h at 3.5 bar water supply pressure).

Constant ulimate pressure

The ultimate pressure of 16 mbar (water temperature 12 °C) is reached across a wide range of water supply.

High suction capacity

Flow rate of approx. 400 litres/h of air (against atmospheric pressure, at a water supply pressure of 3.5 bar at 12°C water temperature).

Important features

Operating temperature up to 80 °C. / Integrated non-return valve increases safety. / Variety of supplied adap- ters simplify connections to most water sources. Optional reducing adapters are available.