gigasept® instru AF concentrado líquido, detergente desinfectante

Suitable for manual disinfecting and cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments of all types (excluding flexible endoscopes). Thanks to its excellent cleaning performance especially in an ultrasonic bath and its comprehensive microbiological efficacy, gigasept® instru AF offers all important product features for instrument reprocessing.

Instructions for use: gigasept® instru AF is a concentrate and is diluted with cold water to produce the desired application concentration. Dosage: depending on the degree of effectiveness 1.5 % - 4 %. Application example: 1 litre of a 3 % working solution corresponds to 970 ml of water and 30 ml of gigasept® instru AF.
Immerse instruments to be reprocessed in the gigasept® instru AF solution immediately after use. Ensure complete covering of the surfaces, also of hollow instruments, and allow them to soak in the solution. Rinse all instruments thoroughly after cleaning, using water of at least drinking water quality, or preferably sterile distilled water or fully deionised water, to completely remove residues of the cleaning solution.
Do not exceed indicated contact times and concentrations. Please follow the reprocessing recommendations of the instrument manufacturers. National regulations may require that cleaning and disinfection are carried out in two separate process steps. Not for final disinfection ofsemicritical and critical medical devices!

100 g solution contains the following active substances: 15.6 g Cocospropylene diamineguanidine diacetate, 35 g Phenoxypropanols, 2.5 g Benzalkoniumchloride.

Chemical-physical data
Density: ca. 0,99 g/cm3 / 20 °C
Form: liquid
Color: green
Flash point: 40,5 °C / Method : ISO 3679
Viscosity, dynamic: ca. 30 mPa*s / 20 °C / Method : DIN 54453
pH: 9,1 - 9,5 / 100 % / 20 °C

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