Plaque PCR 384-puits, Rigid Frame, PC/PP, 0,03 ml, BIO-CERT® PCR QUALITY

  • High stability and rigidity of the plate due to the polycarbonate frame
  • Rapid heat transfer through thin vessel walls
  • For applications in automation and high-throughput analyses 

384-well PCR plates are an economical solution for automatic high-throughput analyses. Our Rigid Frame PCR plates have a strong polycarbonate frame to ensure safe handling in semiatomated and automated pipetting systems and optimal evaporation protection. The rigid frame also allows the use of very thin-walled wells from 100% virgin medical grade polypropylene. The thin walls allow fast transmission of the temperature specified by the cycler, thus reducing cycle times.
For qPCR, white plates are available that optimally reflect the fluorescence signals.
The cleanroom quality of the PCR consumables from BRAND guarantees reliable results.  BRAND 384-well Rigid Frame plates are also produced under controlled cleanroom conditions and thus meet the purity criteria of the quality level BIO-CERT® PCR QUALITY.

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Roche® Lightcycler®, BioRad
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781538 Low Profile dépoli A24 cadre complet pas surélevé 0,03 ml BIO-CERT® PCR QUALITY
781539 Low Profile dépoli Roche® Lightcycler®, BioRad P24, A24 cadre complet pas surélevé 0,03 ml BIO-CERT® PCR QUALITY
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