PCR plate, 96-well, skirted

  • Cleanroom quality for reliable results.
  • Suitable for all standard thermal cyclers.
  • Optimal protection from evaporation and contamination.

With PCR products by BRAND, you can protect your samples from contamination and evaporation. Cleanroom production, high-quality raw materials, and seamless quality controls by accredited laboratories ensure consistently high standards for cleanliness. Sealing films and covers made to fit plates and tubes significantly reduce evaporation loss and allow for reliable analyses, even with small sample volumes. 

PCR consumable materials by BRAND are always free from DNase, DNA, RNase, and endotoxins. 

Extra-thin and even wall thicknesses allow for optimal heat transfer and short cycle times. Smooth shaft surfaces minimize enzyme and nucleic acid binding to the surface ensuring the reaction can run  in full.

The reinforced top plate holds the PCR plate flat even during heating, making it easier to use in automated systems  such as pipetting robots.

The edges of the wells are shaped so  as to protect against cross-contamination and provide a reliable seal with sealing foil matched to the plates.

PP. 0.2 ml wells. 96-well skirted PCR plates are especially rigid, and are optimally suited for use with automatic pipetting systems and for being transported, suitable for Real-Time PCR

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781377 perfil bajo transparente 96 pocillos 0,15 ml H1
781378 perfil bajo blanco 96 pocillos 0,15 ml H1
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