Shelf mount (for 1 instrument) Transferpette® S, Transferpette® S -8/12

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Save space in the laboratory and use stands and wall mounts to safely store your BRAND single or multichannel pipettes. BRAND has the right solution for every model and every need:

Wall/rack mounts are available for mechanical single- and multichannel Transferpette® S pipettes.
The single stand for the Transferpette® S mechanical pipette is usually used for the multichannel pipette.
Single stands are also available for the Transferpette® electronic pipette - one stand for pipettes up to 1000 µl and another for the 5 mL pipette.
The benchtop rack (carousel) stand holds up to six Transferpette® S or Transferpette® S -8/-12 pipettes, saving considerable space.
Three Transferpette® electronic pipettes (single channel, up to 1000 μl) can be charged simultaneously in the charging stand. Individual power supplies no longer needed!

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