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Pipette tips and filter tips from BRAND offer reliable quality for precise and demanding analyses with the pietting robot Liquid Handling Station. The raw materials are free from DiHEMDA und Oleamid. Tips are manufactured at BRAND under monitored cleanroom conditions and are automatically packaged. No parting agents or demolding aids are used. All racked tips and filter tips up to 1000 μl are free of DNA (< 40 fg), RNase (< 8.6 fg), endotoxins (< 1 pg) and ATP (< 1 fg).

For use with pipetting robots, tips are required that are matched to the robot's mode of operation in terms of geometry and surface properties. BRAND robotic pipette tips and robotic filter tips meet all requirements for use with the Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot.

Grouped product items
Cat.-No. Product name
733146 Robotic tips, TipRack, PP, 1-50 µl, BIO-CERT® CERTIFIED QUALITY
734148 Robotic tips, TipRack, PP, 10-200 µl, BIO-CERT® CERTIFIED QUALITY
734150 Robotic tips, TipRack, PP, 10-300 µl, BIO-CERT® CERTIFIED QUALITY
734152 Robotic tips, TipRack, PP, 40-1000 µl, BIO-CERT® CERTIFIED QUALITY
Grouped product items
pack* Price per From** Price***
1 pack = 960 piece(s) 1 pack 1 86,30 €
1 pack = 960 piece(s) 1 pack 1 69,15 €
1 pack = 960 piece(s) 1 pack 1 69,15 €
1 pack = 960 piece(s) 1 pack 1 69,15 €
* Packing Unit
** Minimum order quantity
*** Recommended sales price without VAT

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