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Pipette Tips and Filter Tips from BRAND in Standard or Ultra Low Retention Quality

Pipette tips and filter tips are manufactured by BRAND in a cleanroom under the most modern production conditions, and are automatically rack packed and packaged to ensure that the tips are of consistently high quality.

Cleanroom technique

BRAND disposable items for the life sciences are produced using the most advanced cleanroom techniques in one of the world's largest cleanrooms for laboratory disposable items. The ongoing cleanroom monitoring includes continuous measurements of air particulates, positive air pressure, air exchange rate, room temperature, and the relative humidity, among other things. This ensures that the actual parameters can immediately be checked against the nominal values. Deviations are detected immediately, and suitable countermeasures can be taken before the limit values are exceeded. The high-precision control of environmental conditions provides a very high degree of stability in the corresponding parameters, especially the room temperature. This uniformity, together with quality testing of the final product by batch, guarantees the consistently high quality in the life science products from BRAND. For the production of disposable items, Class 8, 7, and 5 cleanrooms are available, all validated according to ISO 14 644-1. Compliance with ISO 14 644-1 is certified by external, independent auditors.

Consistently high quality

Pipette tips and filter tips are the most frequently used disposables in the laboratory. As processing methods have become increasingly sensitive, the requirements for these disposable items have changed significantly over the years. Starting with the raw materials, here PP, to the tools used and the quality tests carried out, a lot of parameters need to be considered to meet the highest standards both in research and standardized applications. For the manufacture of pipette tips and filter tips, BRAND exclusively uses raw materials that are free from the additives di(2-hydroxyethyl)methyldodecylammonium (DiHEMDA) and 9-octadecenamide (oleamide). Both of these additives are frequently found in PP granules, and can interfere with biological tests, leading to spurious results. Only highly polished tooling equipment is used, so that no parting agents or demolding aids are needed.