Bottle-top burettes

Titrating with bottle-top burettes from BRAND makes work in the laboratory more efficient. Find the suitable digital burette Titrette® for your titration.

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    Bottle-top burette Titrette®

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Frequently Asked Questions (Bottle-top burettes)

Is there a special version of the Titrette® ?

Yes, there is a special version of the Titrette® which is optimized for the use with iodine solution (catalog number 998119). The Titrette® SH (catalog number 4760451) shows the dispensed volume in degree Soxhlet-Henkel and is therefore ideal for the determination of the acidity of milk.

I have reached equivalence point during titration. At the tip of the titrating tube one more drop can be seen. Does this drop at the tube tip still count to the displayed volume?

Yes, the drop at the tip of the titrating tube is part of the volume displayed by the Titrette. The drop size for the 10 ml instrument is approx. 20 μl and for the 25 ml and 50 ml instrument approx. 30 μl. Close to the equivalence point the standard solution should be added slowly dropwise, depending on the titration method.

Is it possible to retrofit the computer interface of the Titrette® ?

From a technical point of view this is in principle possible. However, since the electronics and housing parts must be replaced, this is not economical. Therefore the decision for a Titrette® with a computer interface should be made before purchasing the instrument.

What position should the piston have after using the Titrette®?

To reduce cristal deposits always fill the instrument completely up to the upper position after titration.