General Lab Products

BRAND offers a large selection of general labware for processing and storing samples. Here you will find Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, magnetic stirring bars and other lab accessories.

General labware for every area

Depending on requirements, materials like glass or high-quality plastic are used to ensure safe sample storage and processing in the laboratory. BRAND also offers magnetic stirring rods, universal cleaners for your laboratory equipment, and practical PARAFILM® M sealing film.

Labware for clinical laboratories

Clinical laboratories work with a wide variety of samples and a broad range of inspection and analysis methods. Test out the high quality of sample containers, centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, and other high-quality laboratory products by BRAND for the clinical laboratory.

Pyknometers and Winkler oxygen bottles for density measurements

We offer high-quality Gay- Lussac pyknometers for density measurements. BLAUBRAND® pyknometers are individually adjusted. Actual volumes are permanently engraved on the side of the pyknometer. We also offer Winkler oxygen bottles you can use to determine the quantity of oxygen dissolved in water.