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  • Effective protection against evaporation and contamination
  • The right cap shape for your application
  • Easy to open and close without risk of contamination

With PCR cap strips you can seal PCR strips and plates with 24, 48, and 96 wells reliably and protect your samples effectively against evaporation and contamination.
The shape of the cap strips is optimally matched to BRAND PCR tube strips and plates so they are easy to open and close. To prevent contamination, the cap strips are equipped with two side tabs for exact positioning before closing and a small opening attachment on each cap. This prevents contact with the inside of the cap.
The highly transparent flat cap strips are ideal for qPCR because the cap shape allows accurate fluorescence measurement. With domed cap strips, thermal cyclers without pressure sensors exert a stronger force, thus further increasing the sealing effect.
Because they are manufactured under cleanroom conditions, cap strips are free of DNase, DNA, RNase, and endotoxins.

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Strips of 12
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Cat.-No. Number of cavities Color Lid design
781290 Strips of 12 transparent with domed cap
781334 Strips of 8 transparent with flat cap
781340 Strips of 8 transparent with domed cap
781341 Strips of 8 pink with domed cap
781342 Strips of 8 yellow with domed cap
781343 Strips of 8 green with domed cap
781344 Strips of 8 blue with domed cap
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1 pack = 80 piece(s) 1 pack 1 49,15 €
1 pack = 125 piece(s) 1 pack 1 38,30 €
1 pack = 125 piece(s) 1 pack 1 30,50 €
1 pack = 125 piece(s) 1 pack 1 30,50 €
1 pack = 125 piece(s) 1 pack 1 30,50 €
1 pack = 125 piece(s) 1 pack 1 30,50 €
1 pack = 125 piece(s) 1 pack 1 30,50 €
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