Automatic burettes Pellet pattern, BLAUBRAND®, class AS, DE-M, with intermediate stopcock, PTFE key, blue Schellbach stripe

DIN EN ISO 385. Clear glass, Boro 3.3, calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex) and with Schellbach stripe, valve cock with PTFE spindle for titration as well as PTFE intermediate stopcock for draining residual liquid, automatic zeroing. Overall height approx. 95 cm. All BLAUBRAND® automatic burettes are delivered with a batch number and batch certificate included in the original packaging. They are also available with individual certificates or DAkkS calibration certificate upon request.

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22761 10 ml 0,02 ml 0,02 ml no
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22763 50 ml 0,1 ml 0,05 ml no
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1 piece(s) 1 310,20 €
1 piece(s) 1 310,20 €
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Automatic burette Pellet pattern with automatic zeroing and Schellbach stripe, for joints NS29/32, DE-M marking, with Quality Certificate batch control, Needle-Valve stopcock with PTFE spindle, Intermediate PTFE stopcock. Please order reservoir bottle and rubber bellows separately.
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