Life Science Sealing films

Here you can find the right Life Science Sealing films for PCR, qPCR, Storage, Automation and cell cultures.

  1. 生命科学封膜 用于 PCR 和 qPCR
    生命科学封膜 用于 PCR 和 qPCR

    从… RMB 1,799.00

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  2. 生命科学封膜 用于 PCR, qPCR 和存放
    生命科学封膜 用于 PCR, qPCR 和存放

    从… RMB 1,697.00

    Excl. 19% VAT
  3. 生命科学封膜 用于 存放和自动化
    生命科学封膜 用于 存放和自动化

    从… RMB 1,886.00

    Excl. 19% VAT
  4. 生命科学封膜 用于 自动化过程
    生命科学封膜 用于 自动化过程

    从… RMB 2,562.00

    Excl. 19% VAT
  5. 生命科学封膜 用于 细胞和组织培养
    生命科学封膜 用于 细胞和组织培养

    从… RMB 1,529.00

    Excl. 19% VAT
  6. 生命科学封膜 用于 发光和荧光测量
    生命科学封膜 用于 发光和荧光测量

    从… RMB 772.00

    Excl. 19% VAT
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用于 ELISA, PCR, 用于低温储存

用于 ELISA, PCR: 聚酯材料。可肉眼观察。操作温度范围:-40 °C 至 +120 °C。单膜 用于ELISA,实时荧光定量PCR 聚酯材料。高透明。可肉眼观察。单膜。操作温度范围:-40 °C 至 +110 °C。 用于样品储存, ELISA, PCR PP材质。耐DMSO膜(横纹裁切)。操作温度范围:-20 °C 至 +120 °C。单膜。 用于低温储存 铝箔封板膜,可被移液器吸头轻易刺穿,进行样品吸取。操作温度范围:-80 °C 至 +120 °C。

用于荧光检测, 用于自动化操作

用于荧光检测 黑色的聚乙烯封板膜,具有极佳的光吸收性质操作温度范围:-40 °C 至 +80 °C。单膜 用于发光检测 白色的聚乙烯封板膜,具有反射光的性质。操作温度范围:-40 °C 至 +80 °C。单膜 用于自动化操作 中央PE材质,周边PP材质有粘性。使用移液器吸头易于刺穿。不粘附,化学耐性好。操作温度范围:-40 °C 至 +90 °C。单膜 用于细胞与组织培养 人造丝材质。透气。操作温度范围:- 20 °C 至 +80 °C。单膜 。

常见问题 (Life Science Sealing films)

How can PCR tubes and plates be sealed?

BRAND offers PCR tubes and strips with domed and flat caps. Plates can be sealed with self-adhesive sealing films and sealing mats made of TPE or silicone.

Are the sealing films reusable?

To ensure protection against evaporation and to protect the samples from contamination, the sealing films are very adhesive and cannot be reused. The reuse carries a high risk of contamination.

Does BRAND offer pierceable sealing films?

The pierceability depends on the material and the thickness. BRAND offers a variety of pierceable foils that allow easy removal of samples. There are aluminum films (781381) or films with a non-sticky zone (701370) that are very easy to pierce. There is also a film with precut openings (701374), which are used for repeated removal. Further information can be found in the sealing film brochure.

Is there a sealing film that is suitable for qPCR?

We recommend the highly transparent and pressure-sensitive film (781391) during a qPCR. This enables reliable evaporation protection and maximum transparency for reliable measurement results.